(Music video, 2004) videoclip created for Daniele Luttazzi, for the single money for dope (EMI).
Released on Mtv, Electroshock festival (Peking, China), Linea d'ombra Salerno film festival.
Included in the dvd Bollito misto con mostarda by Daniele Luttazzi, closing sequence of tv show Satyricon.

(Short movie, 2008) dead dog likes dead chickens.
Selected for the Festival del cinema giovanile e indipendente 2011 - Exposition in MACRO FUTURE (Animal Room exhibition) - Exposition in Centro internazionale per l'arte contemporanea Castello Colonna  (CIAC, Genazzano)

(Short movie, 2009) created by Rohitash Rao and Giovanni Scarfini.
Winner of the Tenderflix contest in Tenderpixel gallery of London (2010).
Winner of the AnimaldiƧoados horror animation festival (Rio, Brazi 2011).
Added to Spike 'n Mike sick and twisted on MondoMedia youtube channel.

(Short movie, 2008) scene used in the animation Le Chiendavre.  

(Short animation, 2010) the water inside us.